June 23

New, re-edited and enlarged Asian clips with cute Mel shaking her pompoms like in a burlesque show (right) and greedily grabbed with a smile on her face! Gorgeous Nana (left) walking around in a seethrough babydoll, and the way she puts on her big bra is a scene to behold! A compilation of tiny but megastacked Pinky (left) presenting her whoppers in a tight sweater! From Miami the bouncy Boobarella on the right, and London-combos including a girl losing control of her boob whopping out of her bra!

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June 16

New and re-edited Asian clips showing sexy Tyra wearing two skimpy tops (right), more titfucking with May (left) and lovely Mel in a short top shaking her natural balloons and teasing the camera by flashing her nipples, hal-heartedly resisting the molester who grabs and sucks her tits (left)! From South Beach black monsterboobs like those on the right! More enlarged and re-edited combo-clips from London showing busty muslim girls! Plus racks from Spain as usual!

June 09

Colossal Asian combo-clips with Macromastic Milk shaking her jugs in a pedigree before she gets titfucked (right)! Sweetie Mel (left) looking great in a wet seethrough shirt, foaming and shaking her bouncy hooters! And legend Pat, grabbed in two skimpy white tops (right)! More re-edited combo-clips from London with an incredibly hung black girl and a blonde tit-bimbo talking about fucking on her phone! More large combo-clips with meaty jugs from South Beach!

June 02

New clip with torpedo-titted Rose (right), proudly stretching out her pointy nipples! Large re-edited clips with boob-cutie Mel (left) running and whopping around the garden in two skimpy tops, another clip with bopper So shaking her hooters for jacking farang until he greedily grabs and sucks her tits! More large combo-clips from London, showing the incredibly stacked lasses on the right - and from South Beach young teen tits and humongous black cows presenting their jugs!

May 26

New enlarged Asian combo-clips with Queen Ying (left) busting out of her tight nurse dress and rubbing fat cock to her tits! Cute Mel (right) helps farang to film her shaking boobs before she smothers his head between them! Great Nana in one sexy seethough top at night and day (left)! New Miami-compilations with the amazing beach-uddergirl on the right and more young black wobblers, more black tits from London and a couple of nice white racks from Barcelona!

May 19

New, exciting Asian clips with gorgeous May (on the left) flirting with the camera while she gets titfucked! Luxuriously endowed Tyra (right) walking with her wobbling tits hanging out! Combo-clip with Melon-baby Mel in two seethrough tops, shaking & foaming her jugs in the pool (left). More compilations with huge black jugs at South Beach (right)! Staircase whoppers from Vegas! Twerking teens! And a couple of nice racks and wobblers from Barcelona!

May 12

New, gorgeous Asian compilations with CDD legend Pat's floppers stirred, shaken and titfucked (left), and with Macromastic Milk (right) stretching her tight sweaters to the max, in various overfilled bras or with her lowslung jugs just tied up! Lovely tit-dream Mel (left) shaking her pillows with a smile in a skimpy seethrough top, with nipple stickers and all nude! More hot Miami-compilations of the wobbler on the right, or a lady posing with a snake between her jugs! Another combo of a cute London wobble-teen!

May 05

New Asian clips with torpedo-titted Rose (left)and bopper So (right) molested in a long compilation clip. Lovely boobie star Mel this time shaking her bouncy meat balls in skimpy pink swimsuits (with funky nipple stickers and all nude)! More large compilation clips with outrageous sightings from South Beach like the pimped lass on the left (tits & ass!) and two black & stacked super-cuties! More gorgeous black cleavage stunners from busy Oxford Street/London in one clip! Plus more wobbling tetas from Spain!

April 28

This week with CDD's Asian Tit Goddesses Nana and Mel wearing the same sexy seethrough babydolls, shaking their jugs (left and right)! Can't tell which pair is more exciting, both are mindblowing! Third Asian is big Queen Ying (left), proudly sticking out her bulging rack in her tight dress before farang starts to disrobe her, sucks her jugs and rubs his thick cock to them! More re-edited combos from Miami with all takes of the incredible lass on the right! Plus Barcelona-boobs!

April 21

New, extended combo-clip of busty May (left) hitting the pool in an extremely skimpy swimsuit, immediately attracting a horny geek at the poolside who just starts to grab and fuck her tits! And she seems to enjoy it! Another re-edited combo with lovely Mel foaming her jugs in the pool (right)! And an all new clip with sexy Tyra (top right) exposing her shapely body in two skimpy wool tops! More long, re-edited and resized combos of wobbling Miami-racks (left), sightings from London & Spain!

April 14

New Asian combo-clips with a full scene of natural Pat wearing one of those nipplestrip-slitgrippers (left), ready for instant titfucking! More Asian titfucking with Macromastic Milk (right) wearing a soaked seethrough-top before her jugs get oiled and fucked! And another combo with Mel's Melons in the incredible outfit on the right, teasing the camera with her nipples! Combos with black wobblers from London, including a cleavage-stunner approached by a horny geek! More tits from Spain & the US!

April 07

New Asian clip with torpedo-titter Rose on the left, and of bopper So (right) in a combo-clip, wearing two pedigrees and a noisy cowbell around her neck, her pointy gun-boats approached by a thick cock! Another compilation with lovely Mel (left), combining a take from her first shooting, just showing her whopping cleavage, and ten days later still wearing the same top but exposing her naked boobs for the very first time! More re-edited combos with racks from London, sightings from Spain & theUS!

March 31

New, large combo clips with Ying (left) wearing a skinmpy gown or just a belt around her boobs, and of Jik, jacking big dick before she shakes it between her knockers (right)! More Asian titfucking with sweet Mel after she smothered farang's head between her honkers (left)! From London another compilation of the black teen tit party in Hyde Park (right), big black jugs from South Beach, spectacular puffies and a busty girl walking into the Erotic Museum at Barcelona!

March 24

Re-edited, larger and longer Asian clips with lovely tit-tease Mel (left) and Goddess Nana shaking her mindblowing rack at night and in daylight (right)! New girl Tyra trying various sexy tops (left). Large compilations from London where I once witnessed a black busty teen party in Hyde park - never found out what was the reason, suddenly the park was full of sexy black girls like those on the right! From London also the craziest wobbling black boobs I ever saw, and more tourist titters from Spain...!

March 17

Large, re-edited Asian combo-clips with Pat (left) wearing the same micro-bikini in two shootings with a couple of years inbetween: grabbing, slapping, titfuck! More titfucking in a very long clip with cute Mel tit-teasing and smothering farang (top right)! More smothering with Macromastic Milk swinging her giant jugs (right)! From Spain a great clip of a lass showing a "V" to the camera boldly holding closeup on her boobs! More wobbling tetas from Spain and brown monsterjugs from the US!

March 10

New, re-edited Asian combo-clips showing Queen Ying in oil-soaked seethrough tops and tit-fucked (left), bubbly Mel (right) shaking her gorgeous balloon-boobs with red pompoms like in a burlesque show, and a new clip of new girl Tyra (left), proudly presenting her smooth tits in two blue tops! From Spain another clip of the black bombshell on the right, who didn't mind to be filmed again and again! More and even bigger black jugs from the US, wobblers from Spain!

March 3

Asian tit-clips of torpedo-titter Rose (as shown on the left), a combo-clip of natural breast-goddess Nana (right) shaking her mindblowing rack in two pink swimsuits hardly covering her swollen puffies! And a new, re-edited combo-clip of busty sweetheart Mel (left) distracting farang from his hard work with her balloon boobs in a seethrough top, grinding them into his face until he gives in! From Barcelona the wobble-bags on the right and more tit-tourists, plus fat black jugs from the US!

February 25

This week's Asian clips with superbly shaped Tyra in seethrough tops (left), Macromastic Milk's lowslung danglers smothering farang face (right), Mesmerizing Mel's wobblers in a long, new combo-clip with her natural balloons popping out of her tiny school outfit (left), and skinny but stacked bimbo Jik all soaked in another tiny seethrough school-top (right)! More massive teen-cleavage spotted in Barcelona, and a couple of nice colored racks from South Beach/Fl.!

February 18

New Asian clips with new girl Rose sticking out her pointy torpedoes (left), a large combo of tit-sweetie Mel (right) when she showed her bare puffies for the first time and when she shakes a fat cock between her natural balloons! More crazy boob-shaking and jug-sucking with lowslung, macromastic Milk (right) in a large, re-edited combo-clip! Wobbling black cleavage-meat from South Beach and more black boobs from Barcelona like the skinny & stacked lass on the left!

February 11

Colossal Combos of Asian Superstars: mesmerizing Mel shaking her wobblers closeup in front of farang's face (left), and incredible Nana wearing a skin-tight fishnet-top (right)! A new clip of the new Asian tit-beauty Tyra in colorful seethrough-tops (right)! Great sightings from Barcelona, like the gorgeous lass on the left, showing her swollen puffies, and a cool busty teen-hottie walking and wobbling up the Ramblas with her friends! Plus more big, black jugs from South Beach!

February 4

This week's Asian clips with another new scene of torpedo-titter Rose (left), an extended combo-clip of skinny but stacked Jik (right) in two sexy babydolls, including tit-sucking and -fucking! Mel in another large, extended scene where she is wearing a short leather-jacked with her underboobs visible (left) - she soon opens it and shakes her marvelous mams with a smile! From Miami another Asian with big tits & ass, more black US-jugs and blonde whoppers!

January 28

This week with long, extended Asian clips of awesome tit-cutie Mel (left) shaking her natural whoppers with pom-poms, pushing them against glass etc...and of busty Muk (right) in an extended titfuck-scene! We got skinny but stacked newbie Tyra in another scene wearing the skimpy top on the right! From Barcelona the tiny, over-endowed girlie on the left, wearing no bra, boldly exposing her mindblowing rack with tan-lines! From Miami a busty blonde in two different cleavage-tops!

January 21

Asian clips this week with pimped torpedo-titter Rose exposing her bazookas under a skimpy wool top (left), and a great new combo-clip of Goddess Nana in her prime, wearing too different seethrough-babydolls, shaking her swollen puffies in extreme closeups - mindblowing! From cute tit-teaser Mel the scene when her natural balloons were touched and squeezed by a greedy tit-man for the very first time in her life (right)!! Busty redheads from Spain and black jugs from the US!

January 14

This week's Asians with another clip of sexy Tyra exposing her shapely busty body in a fishnet top, and of sweet Asian tit-dreams Mel (left) and Teetah (right) shaking their young, natural titties! From Barcelona another clip of the hot lass on the right in her skimpy bikini showing most of her gazongas with a tattoo saying "myself first" written right beneath her boob! From Spain big titted tourist-teens spotted among a large group of Italian pupils! And more big black jugs and butts from the US!

January 07

First update of the year with a new combo-clip of Asian Tit-Goddess Nana shaking her incredibly exciting naturals with swollen puffies (left)! Another combo with pimped, large-nippled Nut (right)! Sweet Mel pays farang a visit, immediately noticing his interest in her huge, firm naturals already hanging out of her skimpy shirt. Kind as she is, she smothers his head right between them! More new sightings from Spain - I like the busty redhead on the left doing a street survey! More black jugs from the US!

December 31

For the last day of the year we got two pairs reperesenting most opposite sides of the big-boob-fetish: on the left newbie Rose and her almost disturbingly pimped, pointy knockers - and on the right Milk's macromastic danglers: tied up, sucked and in hefty motion! And between these extremes: cute Mel (left), tit-fucked by a really big cock (quite a sight to behold)! The black jugs on the right are almost too big for titfucking! More great street-whoppers from Spain! Happy New Year!!

December 23

For Xmas another clip with new, busty natural Tyra wearing tight sweaters without bra (left), a new combo-clip of tiny hottie Ax (right) whopping around the garden, gorgeous Mel shaking her natural balloons, smothering farang's face between them (right)! From Spain we got some hot sightings like the busty lass on the left, black lasses from South Beach (one of them performing extreme whopping for the camera!), where we also spotted some grotesque black butts! Happy Holidays!!

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December 17

They're both big, but very different in type: Milk on the left and new model Rose on the right! The latter stacked with huge & firm fake torpedoes she loves to stick out, the former (Milk) blessed with macromastic danglers - here shown in a very long, new combo-clip with lots of shaking, smothering and jug-fucking!! From lovely Mel another clip where she distracts a tit-man from work with her wobbling naturals (left)! Love the Spanish lass on the right, walking fast to show her wildly whopping tits! Plus more US-jugs!

December 10

This week's update with another clip of our new stunning natural model Tyra (right), wearing a bra and a corset! Sweet tit-tease Mel (on the left) definitely knows how to distract a real tit-man from work (by grinding her boobs right into his face)! A new combo-clip of tiny beauty Ax and her spectacular rack (left), whopping like mad around the garden! Brown jugs (like those on the right) from South Beach/FL and more whoppers and wobblers from England and Spain!

December 03

This week showing another new big breasted Asian, Rose on the left! She really loves to show her pimped torpedoes and likes to get grabbed hard! More Asian titfucking with slim & stacked Jik in a new combo on the right! Mel shaking her ballooning naturals with funny nipple-stickers (left)! Great new summer-sightings from Barcelona like the two stunners on the right who really like to show what they've got! More brown wobble-jugs and an XXL-ass from South Beach!

November 26

On the left and on the right CDD's big titted primadonne, Nana the Goddess (left, new combo-clip), and sweet tit-teaser Mel (right) - who got the more spectacular rack?! More spectacular news: on my recent trip to Asia I found new big boobed girls, this week we show awesome natural Tyra on the right, great body! Next week another newbie! From Barcelona again the mindboggling wobbler on the left, pointing to the camera, telling her mom: "There he is again!" More awesome tits from Spain & the US!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with Titfucked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
November 19

New, extended Asian combo-clips with cute "little" Milk as sexy jeans-girl (as shown on the left), and skinny but perfectly stacked Gom wearing three skimpy wool tops (right)! Gorgeous Mel in a pink sexy swimsuit, shaking her glorious orbs in closeup shots right in front of your face (right)! From Miami the same exotic tit dancer as last week, this time in pink (left) - and we got four black twins in this update: two of them busty, and two twerking their brown butts on the street!!

November 12

More long, extended Asian clips with skinny but superbly stacked Jik (on the left) tit-teasing big dick (titfuck!), and with Macromastic Milk swinging her lowslung hangers - with extreme sucking! Lovely tit-beauty Mel proudly presenting her magnificent whoppers in the sexy seethrough babydoll on the right! From the opposite side of the globe the black street dancer on the left, performing her open air tit show (next week again in different outfit)! More black mugs from the US & white titties from Spain!

November 05

New, extended Asian combo-clips with "little" Milk's cute love balls grabbed and sucked in three black tops (left)! Skinny but stacked Gom on the right in three skimpy white tops, titfuck including! Sweet teaser Mel (right) soaps her completely naked upper body in the pool and shakes her foamed jugs (*gulp*)! And we got a fourth Asian in this update, promenading at Barcelona's harbor (left)! From Spain more caucasian sightings and fat black jugs from South Beach (and London)!

October 29

New, enhanced Asian combo-clips with CDD's Ultravixens Macromastic Milk shaking her lowslung udders (left), and the Goddess Nana (right) in her prime: fantastic natural torpedo-whoppers, probably the most exciting rack I've ever seen! And since it's Halloween time we added a clip of lovely breast-shaker Mel in vampyre-attire (right)! From Spain another clip of the gorgeous tit-girl on the left - seeing to be filmed continuously made her nipples hard! More sightings and black monsterjugs from the US!

October 22

More enhanced Asian combo-clips with skinny but naturally stacked Gom, grabbed and titfucked in various micro-bikinis (left)! Jik on the right got a similar slim and stacked body, she jacks cock and shakes it between her natural wobblers! Sweet Mel (right) smothering farang's face between her boobs! The gorgeous girl on the left spotted on a beach promenade - what a rack on such a tiny frame!! Realizing that she's on camera, she shows a mix of embarassement and pride! More US- & GB-jugs!

October 15

This week with re-edited and enhanced clips of two girls named Milk - on the left Macromastic Milk, who gets soaked in the pool and shakes her lowslung jugs like mad! The smaller Milk got some young and firm naturals looking wonderful in pushup tops or just topless! In last week's story-clip, teaser Mel showed some interest in titfucking - and this week you'll see a fat cock between her wobbling jugs!! The tiny girl on the left proudly presenting her wobbling rack without bra and other sightings from Spain and the US!

October 8

For the first time re-edited clips of CDD-all-stars Mel (left) and Nana (right)! Mel with subtitles: she asks for a bedtime-story, wearing a most revealing night-gown - of course the guy, unable to focus on the book, can't resist all her tit-teasing! Nana shaking her incredible rack in a fishnet-top, at night and day! Another re-edited clip of gorgeous Gom titfucked (right)! From Barcelona the titanic tit-lass on the right, wearing no bra on shopping-tour with her mum! More wobblers from Spain and black US-jugs!

October 1

New, hot Asian combos with cute bopper Teetah (on the left) shaking her love balls in slow motion and feeling up farang's hard-on! And a gorgeous clip of incredible, macromastic Milk (right), shaking her mega-jugs wildly, producing a lot of noise with this cow-bell around her neck! Lovely breast-wonder Mel presenting her wobblers in an unusual tit-top (left)! From South Beach we got some impressive black racks (like those on the right), and some cute tit-teens from Catalunya!

September 24

This week's Asian combos with bubbly Nut in various tit-tops (left), busty cutie Ew molested by tit-greedy farang (right), and mindblowing Mel as busty biker in a short leather jacket! From Barcelona another clip of the tanned busty sweetie showing her creamy cleavage on the left - she and her mate laughed their asses off when they spotted the horny geek with the camera again...I got so excited, my hands started shaking! More tits from Spain and brown jumbo jugs from the US!

September 17

New and enhanced Asian combo-clips showing cute natural Far (right) wearing a couple of sexy skimpy tops (penis involved!), and beton-boobed Mi teasing her tutor in a too short seethrough top (left)! Sweet Asian tit-dream Mel shaking her big pillows right in front of farang's face before she takes his head and smothers it between her boobs (left) - a dream of every tit-man! Another titman's dream: the skinny but superbly stacked beauty on the right! More sightings from Spain and the US!

September 10

More new, re-edited and enhanced combo-clips with bombshell Tuk grabbed and sucked in two red tops (left) and with great natural Fa (grabbing and smothering)! Sweet Asian breast wonder Mel shaking fat cock between her natural balloon boobs! More Asian sighting-tits in another clip compilation! Spotted in Spain: the gorgeous wobble-rack with tan-lines, proudly presented by a tiny cutie! Another Spanish compilation shows girls running down the stairs! Fat black jugs from Miami!

September 3

Asian combo-clips this week with cute Teetah tit-teasing her tutor in her skimpy top - he can't help but to grab her tits before she starts to shake them wildly for him!! Macromastic Milk (right) shakes her jugs as well - even more dramatic with the noisy cow-bell around her neck!! Sweet Mel foaming her awesome naturals under a wet seethrough-top (left)! A blonde Asian barbie-doll on heels without bra! From Barcelona the deliriously busty wobbler on the right, wearing no bra on shopping tour with her mum...!