23rd of October

On the menu this week Asian Titwonder Nana showing cleavage and underboobs in a cool Navy-top (left), and Big Ying's magnificient rack all wet in the pool! Also in pink: topheavy Asian Pinky, whopping around! From Barcelona two interesting clips showing the same girl in two tops, both times wearing strapless tops to emphasize her lowslung jugs (right)! From Spain also a young bodybuilder with strong back muscles, enjoying the gawks! Plus more black boobs from the US!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with stacked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
16th of October

Big Asian Ying this week as overendowed office lady wearing an elegant dress with her boobs fully visible (left), whereas gorgeous Nana takes off her big bra to replace it by a camouflage top! Third Asian is Dai showing big cleavage in a nice pushup top. More yummy cleavage from Barcelona, where the massively stacked "Holstein" (as they say in Japan) on the left has been spotted, and as usual more great jugs from the US like the bouncy rack on the right, plus two sassy ass-girls!

9th of October

This week with another new clip of Goddess Nana in the sunshine, wearing a sexy tit-teaser swimsuit! And Big Ying in a skin tight turtleneck, getting wet in the pool! Asian boob-doll Sutida wears a much too short school-top to show some mouthwatering underboobs (right)! From Miami some girls wearing daring tits&ass seethrough-tops in public and more boobarellas, impressive racks from Spain, like the skinny but stacked beauty on the left, and an awesome ass-sighting!

2nd of October

First October-update with a new clip of Big Ying showing her honkers in a skin tight sweater and the green pushup top on the left! Goddess Nana walking around with her soft wobbling tetans under a black seethrough-top, and nipple-wonder Nut in a blue seethrough shirt! We got another awesome Asian from Barcelona: doll face, shapely legs and ballooning boobs! The black jugs on the left from Miami plus some white titters looking for black men and two butt-brats!

25th of September

This week Goddess Nana wearing a swimsuit too tiny to cover her swollen puffies (left) and of Big Ying wettening her seethrough shirt in the pool! Tiny but overendowed Pinky wearing no panties and whopping around! From Miami a spectacular clip of the megastacked stripper on the right performing her boob show - incredible when she flexes her breast muscles with the music! More boobs from the US and from Spain, including a young bodybuilder with strong arms and muscly thighs!

18th of September

This week a new clip of Boobqueen Ying wearing the tit-tube she wears on the street, taking it off to squeeze her majestic cleavage tattoo! Goddess Nana walking around at daytime, wearing this incredibly sexy tit-top on the right! Asian underboobs of Dai! From Miami again the super-cute puffy-girl on the left, all the time approached by horny guys, the huge rack on the right and a white lass showing her huge cleavage to tease the black geeks. More great clips from Spain!

11th of September

Asian puffy-wonder Nana's honkers this week covered by a pink bandeau (left), Nipple-Nut in two tops: skimpy red dress and pink fishnet approached by large cock! Miami-sightings as usual mostly in black, but we got a hot white rack of a slim lass, framed by cute freckles! Great Barcelona-sightings, including the hot red-head in white on the left showing her lowslung hangers without bra! (One clip taken the day after the terror attack, the Rambla crowded as always...)

4th of September

Awesome teaser Sutida (left) as busty housewife cleaning up, doing the laundry etc! Nipple-monster Nut (right), and goddess Nana wearing some tiny lingerie! From Miami crazy girls showing their aureolae in public! More clips from Barcelona, including a spectacular one taken at the place of the attack, just minutes before it happened (you hear the bells ring 4:45pm in the clip, the killer-van started 4:50). The busty girl fortunately led me further down the Rambla- so I'll call her my guardian angel...

28th of August

This week another mindblowing clip of Asian tit-wonder Nana's incredible jugs bulging out a much too short wool top, in shaking and whopping motion! Groan!! Tiny Pinky walking bottomless, with her amazing rack in cute pink! Asian Dai dancing and pushing up her cleavage before she gets grabbed! From Miami an incredible lass with huge hooters, tiny waist and pimped monster-ass (left)! More black US-jugs, busty sightings from Spain including a fine teen-butt in shorts!

Just returned from my latest trip to Barcelona last week - and yes, I've been on the Rambla when the attack happened! This screenshot was taken just minutes before the terrorist arrived (click to enlarge). Makes me sick to see how people walk just towards the desaster! Would like to shout: "For all sake, not up there!!!" Fortunately, the sighting of a busty angel mercifully led me the other way down...!
21st of August

This week with a mouthwatering clip of Asian tit-tease Sutida, soaping her jugs with lots of foam, pushing them to a glass-door etc! And breast-goddess Nana, shaking her heavenly honkers in daylight! Incredibly exciting! More titfucking with naughty Nut! From Miami an interesting black lass spotted at night- and daytime, both times exposing her lowslung wobblers without wearing a bra (left). More bulging US-cleavages and cute tit-tourists from Spain (last summer)!

14th of August

This week with a new clip of the stunning dream-tit-teen from July 24 (right)! She & her friends were in awe when they spotted the camera-man again, but she made no effort to hide her wobbling mega-jugs - fantastic girl! We got another clips of Nana (skimpy bolero), Ja (fishnet top) and Big Ying in the pool, showing her majestic tit-tattoo! More enormously stacked Miami-lasses including a super-cute black titty constantly approached by horny geeks! A busty punk girl and a sexy tiny ant-waist from Spain!

7th of August

This week with a new clip of tiny megawhopper Pinky wearing nothing but a tight sweater and a bra too small for her boobs bulging out! And we got Asian stunners Nana and Nut in sexy seethrough tops (left)! More seethrough sightings from the street of a lass walking out in a completely transparent dress with her nipples and ass fully visible - really amazing! The monster-rack on the right belongs to a short lass you might remember from last year, more to come!

31st of July

This week with Asian superstar Nana and Nut wearing gold tops, busty Micky in a green pushup top. And this is a special day, since we're proud to present the (probably) biggest black jugs ever shown on CDD, it's the young lass on the left wearing this incredibly revealing outfit! Woohoow!!! "Love is Pain" says her tit-tattoo - who wouldn't love to feel the pain to be smothered between those monsters! The white pair on the right is quite impressive as well... plus more tit-tourists from Spain.

24th of July

Exciting update with a new clip of tiny megawhopper Pinky, Big Ying and goddess Nana walking & whopping outdoors! From Miami a first clip of the black, huge-busted stripper performing her titilating show (same lass as on July 3)! From Barcelona the tit-teen of my dreams: stunningly beautiful face (Indian-like) and a huge rack of whoppers without bra but nipple-pads! Fantastic, more of her to come! As extra-clip an incredible sighting of an old bum grinding his face into fat black ass right in public!!

17th of July

This week more underboob shots & tit-grabbing with Ja, Nipple-Nut's fat, hard nipples poking through her tight sweater, and Goddess Nana wearing wool as well (right)! It's funny, when you see her wearing regular tops you wouldn't believe that they hide one of the finest natural racks of all Asia!!! Nana Superstar! Ok, we got some more nice black racks from Miami's streets and from Barcelona, including the enormous rack on the right, and as extra a tiny little girl blessed with a gorgeous, muscly ass!

10th of July

Goddess Nana this week wearing a white fishnet top (no worries, got plenty more daytime shots), proud Micky looking best stretching out her bouncy cleavage in a tight pushup top (right), and Nipple-Nut, this week wearing a seducing office top showing too much of cleavage for office work! From Barcelona another clip of the gorgeous pimped lady on the right and a busty teen-mix, more multiple-clips from the US, including one lady with tattoo-tits & monster-ass!

3rd of July

This week another clip of pouty Micky sucking a hard flute between her bouncy cleavage, great underboob shots of Ja, and Nana shaking her orbs under two seethrough tops! High season for city sightings on the roll, but these are still from last year, like the black goddess on the left: here she's part of the audience, but she also performs as showgirl, and I got incredible new footage of her dancing & shaking those awesome knockers almost nude in front of the screaming guys! Plus more boobies from Spain!

26th of June

Tiny Pinky this week wearing a tight sweater with her amazing jugs wobbling and bulging out and over her bra! Incredible Asian breast wonder Nana shows her dream tits falling out a seethrough top, doing some exercises! Anf newbie Dai in a skimpy wool top gets squeezed and shows some nice underboobs! From Barcelona the amazing lass in blue on the right and more street titters and some sexy legs in short denims, walking on heels. More black jugs from Florida, including a sexy waitress with ass & tits!

19th of June

This week with another great clip of Asian goddess Nana wearing a skimpy swimsuit hardly covering her large, swollen puffies - awesome! "Busty housewife" Sutida (on the right) squeezing her jugs in a pink cleavage top. And Big Ying again wettening her rack in the pool, wearing a seethrough schoolgirl top! From Miami a last clip of the gorgeous wobbler on the right and more black jugs. Busty blonde wobblers from Barcelona, one of them giving a "V" to the cam!

June 12 - Long time no see: Pinky is back, a tiny but deliriously busty Asian girl whopping around in a skin tight top with her nipples poking through (left)! Asian goddess Nana looking incredible with her huge puffies under this skimpy shirt on the right! And new girl Dai showing more than underboobs (left)! A clip with the black udderella on the right, spotted on the street and on the beach! More huge blacks from Miami, from Spain a huge pimped lady and as extra a clip of an innocent looking young girl showing her big, strong ass in tight, short denims!
June 5 - New Asian Clips with Asian tit-goddess Nana for the first time walking outside at daytime (left), and Big Ying and her gorgeous rack getting wet in the pool (right)!! Plus new discovery Sutida who reminds me of japanese boob-star Marina Matsushima - you'll see her doing some busty housewife.work, cleaning up, serving milk etc.!! More new girls next week! From Barcelona the great blondes on the right, one wearing no bra, showing her soft wobbling puffies! From Miami big black boobs and a very muscly&busty lass!