24th of April

Again three Asian treats with gorgeous Nana wearing some sexy punk attire, a nice clip of Nut wearing a seethrough fishnet (right), leading farang's hands to her boobs or rubbing them against a window. From Ja more cool underboob shots (left)! More multiple-sighting-clips from Miami and the voluptious lass on the right showing her bouncy cleavage under a black seethrough top! More busty girls from Spain, including the pouty, skinny but stacked stunner from March 20!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with stacked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
17th of April

Great Nana again displays her marvel-boobs under a tiny seethrough (left), whereas Ja shows how to fill out a sexy sweater (right)! Slutty Nut walking outside wearing just her bra! From Miami we got those busty sweeties left and right, who belong to the same bunch of sexy young girls showing what they've got, especially the pouty teaser on the left wearing this seethrough-bra with her brown aureolae shining through! Amazing! More teen-whoppers and pimped tarts from Spain!

10th of April

This week two Asian titters wearing the same top with a big dick squeezed between their tits, on the left Micky carrying a dildo, on the right Nut with the real meat! Plus another new flick of our model-in-residence Nana with her naked breasts under leather (left)! From Miami a nice ocean shot and the incredible lass on the right - ass and juggs pimped to grotesque proportions, her doc made a great job! But I wonder how to have a regular life with a body like this? More tit-tarts from Spain!

3rd of April

Again three new Asian clips, showing Ja and Nana in sexy seethrough tops, same style but different colors (left). And we got a last clip of Nam grabbed (right). From next week new Nut-clips with titfucking! Big Brown Breasts from the US as usual in interesting, revealing tops and incredible closeups! More girls of color from Barcelona, a hot latin lass, a black teen wobbling up las Ramblas and a busty girl I've shown in several clips before, but not in this top...

27th of March

This week Asian Micky stretching out a tight sweater again (left), and this somehow "gothic" net-top on the right which got the best filling conceivable: Nana's holy honkers! A last clip of tiny but busty Mee!From Barcelona on of my best sightings from last summer, an Arab-looking short lass with some damned big bouncy wobblers (left), a busty brunette wearing a top thin enough to show her brown aureolae, and a busty cutie sticking out her tongue! From Miami busty brown beach-venuses & cool street-shots.

20th of March

Asian Boob-Queen Nana looks great whatever she's wearing - this week a furry nothing, one of the funniest "tops" I ever found (left). More great underboob-shots of two more Asians as shown on the right, Ja and Nam! From the US finally a new clip of this gorgeous lass & her wobblers on the left, some cool beach-shots (jeez all those tattoo's give a good read) and a hot seethrough, black tit-teens not only from Miami, but also from Spain, and a super-slim & stacked beauty with a pouty sex-face...

13th of March

This week with another clip of sexy Micky's bouncy cleavage - I guess this flute on the left is not the only thing which gets hard as wood between her breasts. Asian tit-goddess Nana walking in an incredibly teasing babydoll (right). From Barcelona those cool wowzas on the left, one of them an over-endowed blonde whopping down the stairs. Maybe you will notice that the new Spain-clips were taken with a better steadyshot! From Miami black jugs like those on the right, a busty biker and a glorious ocean-shot!

6th of March

All in black and her head veiled, Asian goddess Nana looks like a muslim -nonetheless I guess she couldn't walk like this through Quatar...with her mega-rack fully visible! Even more revealing: the fishnet top Nut is wearing with her nipples poking out (she told me her baby can't suck them since they're too big!). The third Asian of the update: Ja in a sexy pushup-tanktop! From Miami those black juggarellas on the right, more tit-teens from Spain and brazilian-looking lass with big tits and huge ass!

27th of February

Asian tit-dream Nana in another clip proving that she actually can't wear this skimpy wool top on the left in public (even if we would like to see that)! Sexy Asian bopper Micky in a lowcute wooltop, first rubbing a flute between her breasts before replacing it by a fat dildo dong! More underboob-views of Nam! From the Atlantic Ocean another great clip of the half Asian/Black venus running to the beach to show some dramatic tit-whop! More tit-teens from Spain, including a pouty, big-boobed Arab-looking girl....

20th of February

This week another clip of new Asian girl Ja busting out of her lowcut boobie-top (right), and of Asian tit-star Nana hassling her oversized boobs back into her big bra, knowing they look much better without, and that they actually don't need any support! The third Asian of the update is Nut wearing shiny cleavage-clubwear. From Barcelona the incredible living blonde boob barbie-doll on the right and a muscular silicone lass, from Florida those massive melons on the left and a busty black girl with a cute smile...

13th of February

Asian Tit-Dream Nana looking great stretching out a worn, skimpy camouflage top (left), more tit-shaking and underboob-shots of busty Nam and of tiny but tit-teasing Mee! From Barcelona a 5th clip of the awesome Muslim teen and her oversized jugs bulging out of her tight bra! More slim & stacked blonde tit-teens from Spain! The monster-sized mega-jugs on the left of course from Mammapolis Miami, along with some other racks, tattoo-tits and pimped ass-buns!

6th of February

This week with two more clips of our newbies: Micky wearing a tight, sleeveless sweater, exposing her fleshy bulbs, and Ja as office lady showing too much cleavage to avoid getting molested. And overwhelming Nana, this time waering a bra and a seethrough-schoolgirl-top much too small to cover her rack! Nice clips from Miami like the bouncy black lass on the right or the awesome whopper on the left. A blonde teen whopper and more busty blondes from Spain!

30th of January

Another week with another clip of tit-goddess Nana, again revealing and shaking her out-of-the-world mega-rack (left)! Smaller, but also appealing: tiny Mee's cute puffies on the right. Plus more underboob-shots of Nam's ample-chest. From Miami the huge lady on the left, showing the typical presumptuous expression of an over-endowed girl's titpride! More nice shots of the busty black on the right riding her bike. Plus a couple of Euro-racks from Barcelona.

23rd of January

This week again three Asians: non-pareil Nana as always (left), shows her swelling puffies under a sexy seethrough top, newcomer Ja gets grabbed in a skimpy wool top, whereas cleavage-cutie Micky rubs a flute between her bouncy breasts (right)! More street-sightings from Boobcelona, and as usual big black jugs from the US in unusual tit-tops, like those on top right! As extra a cool Asian with sexy legs, walking and flexing her mighty muscly thighs in public...

16th of January

Time to introduce two new Asian big-tit-models!: on the left you see Ja, and this one even shows her face! On the right cute Micky whose bouncy rack looks best in tight sweaters! And you get another one of tit-goddess Nana as well - so for the next week always three Asians in every update!! We got another Asian (probably the same as last week) and the amazing boobarella on the left from Barcelona! Huge black udders and a strong, muscly ass from Miami as extra-clip...

9th of January

This week with a new clip of Asian tit-goddess Nana wearing again a pink fishnet top, walking and running around the house (left)! Cute Mee wearing a skimpy wool top, showing her adorable puffies (right)! More black boob-flesh from Miami, including a busty hottie sticking out her tongue, and the macromastic lass on the left who looks like 50% of her body is just jugs! From Spain a hot black teen licking ice-cream, a cute busty Asian sweetie, and the macromastic cleavage-teen on the right!

2nd of January

Happy New Year!! 2017 starts with a long clip of popular skinny but macromastic Asian Nana wearing a microbikini-top (left), and a hot shot of naughty Nut's tits getting sucked and fucked (right)! From Miami more bulging black boob-meat and another clip of the half Asian/black, skinny but stacked stunner posing lasciviously in the ocean! Great tit-teens from Barcelona (like the one on the right) and a sporty girl wearing no bra under seethrough top! As extra a hot ass in short denim's!

26th of December

Happy Holidays! Christmas update comes with a new clip of CDD's Asian supermodel in residence Nana wearing jeans (right) and a nice underboob shot of Nam (left)! From Miami a macromastic black and a blonde silicone babe! From Barcelona a new clip of the incredible muslim teen with slim waist, strong hips and a mindboggling bust bulging over her bra! Another new clip of the blonde busty barbie on the right and a cute teen with pouty face & enormous rack! As extra a slutty ass-lass from Miami!

19th of December

Fantastic Asian boobstar Nana this week again stretching out a tight & sexy fishnet top (left), nipple-wonder Nut gets grabbed in a skimpy underboob-sweater! From Miami a mindboggling sighting of a slim & superstacked German lass, what a rack - and not even black (left)!! From Spain a teen-tit-teaser in a tight stretch-top wearing no bra with her nipples poking through (right) and another blonde cleavage-teen strolling with mum & dad! As extra the ass-shaking twins again!

12th of December

Asian goddess Nana this week wears a pink sweater which hides her size pretty well - but when she pulls it off - woohoo!! Naughty nipple-Nut wears the same to as Nana last week. From Miami the rack on the left, seems that pink is quite popular among busty blacks who like to show off. From Barcelona those hot tit-teens on the right, the Arab-looking often peaked into the camera with a drowsy look while she stretched out her tits (more to come)! As extra a shapely black ass-lass skating almost nude in public!

5th of December

Mee's pointy whoppers look cute in her sneak sweater (right), and Asian Nana's unbelievable rack allows her to close only one button of her skimpy shirt (left)! From Spain two huge-titted gals, the "Wicked" one gave me the typical, disparaging "I-see-where-you-stare-at"-look! They are huge, but in Miami you find the real monstersize jugs like those on the right! From the beach a skinny but stacked half black/Asian beauty (more to come), and as extra a hot ass from Barcelona!

28th of November

This week a new clip of Asian plumper Ang wearing two tops, and of awesome Nana looking incredible when she shakes her gazonga's in this fishnet stretch-top on the right! We got another busty Asian, spotted in the streets of Barcelona. From there the busty mum on the left and a 3rd clip of the pouty girl whopping down the road to the hooker's district, not easy to follow, but a good hunt! More good racks from Spain and Florida, and as extra a hot black ass dancing!

21st of November

Asian boob-queen Nana this week shaking her marvel-mams out of a skimpy wool-top, and a new clip of Nam (right)! Great sightings from Barcelona: a cool lass whopping hastily down the street, and a spectacular blonde busty barbie walking slowly with her friend up las Ramblas just to show her ballooning boobs (right), easy target for the deidcated tit-hunter, so more to come! From Miami again the cool boobie twins posing on Ocean Drive, wearing nothing but bodypaint!

14th of November

Naughty Nipple-Nut this week getting grabbed in a pink fishnet top (left), Asian superstar Nana walking & wobbling around just topless, except for the paper-bag on her head (right). From Miami another clip of the black party-girl standing together with her small-chested girlfriend, watching a travesty show. Nice sightings from the beach of a busty girl with sexy tiny wasp-waist (left). Two busty mums from Barcelona, as extra a black tattoo-ass wearing interesting butt-wear.

7th of November

Gorgeous Asian Nana this week wearing a skimpy monokini (left), whereas naughty Nut exposes her cleavage in a leather jacket (right)! From Barcelona a third clip of the awesome busty muslim teen showing her bouncy rack bulging out of her too small bra - she definitely knows how to dress! On the left another shot of the black dream-teen, slim and superbly stacked, approached by the guys walking by! Massive melons like those on the right, and a oversized beach-butt on a slim black as extra-clip!

31st of October

Again with a new clip of fantastic Asian titter Nana walking around the house in a skimpy shirt way too small for her wobbling torpedoes (right)! Mee's cute titties (left) are much smaller, but stll big for such a tiny girl and in good, firm shape with nice puffies! From Miami the gorgeous lass on the left grabbing her her tits and talking about bra's! The blonde silicone-slut on the right got the Miami-look but was spotted in Spain. More tit-tourists from there and two ass-girls as extra!

24th of October

This week another clip of Asian plumper Ang (left) and marvellous Nana in a cute babydoll with amazing closeups of her swollen puffies (right)! From Barcelona a second clip of the deliriously busty blonde shopper showing a short grin when she noticed the camera (left), a cute Asian throwing kisses to the camera (!), black mega-jugs from Miami (like those on the right), including a night shot of a gorgeous girl I've shown before (funny tit-tattoo "No Pair is Forever"). Hot Spanish butts as extra-clip!

17th of October

Great update with Asian tit-goddess Nana posing in a sexy seethrough top before she heaves her heavy rack back into her black bra (left)! Naughty Nut's oily tits get fucked in an unusual way (right)! From Miami another clip of those incredible boob-twins posing almost nude on Deco Drive (left) and a beach-clip containing five swimsuit-sightings! From Spain a long clip of a brunette whopper rushing across the city and a teen embarassed by her large, swollen puffies! Two great butts as extra-clip!

10th of October

This week with naughty Nut showing bouncy underboobs (left) and adorable Nana's out-of-the-world rack in a loose knit top (right)! From Miami monstrous black udders you can only see there, and another clip of the gorgeous black party-girl having a good time with her less endowed white friend (right). From Barcelona a new clip of the buxotic blonde on her way to the beach, and ugly teen-duck with remarkable rack, more busty blondes and some sexy midriffs!

3rd of October

Tiny Asian Mee on the left got some cute, firm titties with puffy aureolae - nice, but hey, not the same league as Nana, whose mega-orbs are among the biggest and best tits all around Asia - exclusively here, at CDD!! - This week another clip of the gorgeous muslim teen's tits boldly bulging out of her bra (left)! As you see, her mum got big tits as well, but her daughter wins the zeppelin-race! From Barcelona another big-boobed Asian, from Miami those true monsterjugs on the right! Extra ass-clip!

26th of September

This week another new clip of incredible Asian boob-beauty Nana filling out her tight sweater before taking off (left)! Nam's whoppers on the right look best from frogview. From Miami a rare sighting of a really huge white lass stretching out her monsterjugs (left), much bigger than the biggest black pair (at least in this update, see right)! Another impressive black lady with tits and even more impressive rear view, tourist-titters from Spain and a last clip from Rome!

19th of September

More new clips of busty Asians Nut (on the right) and awesome Nana, showing more than just underboob and shaking her pointy flesh-torpedoes (left)!! Fantastittic! From Florida's beach a huge uddermaid showing her huge aureolae under a seethrough top (left), and these bouncy knockers on the right almost busting out of their tight top! From Barcelona a busty Asian and a pouty girl whopping her way down to the hookers-district! As extra a super-muscular black girl working out in public!

12th of September

This week with a new clip of Asian slut Nut, first reading big-boob-manga, then tied up, ball-gagged, cleavage-spanked and titfucked! Wish I could do this with the lady on the right: goddess Nana in an exciting fishnet top! Interesting clips from Miami: on the left two busty twins wearing nothing but bodypaint, posing in public! On the right a drop-dead gorgeous black stunner attending a travesty-show with her small-breasted friend! Good Barcelona-clips, including a slim & mega-stacked shopper...

5th of September

A new clip of Asian Goddess Nana changing her bra for a skimpy schoolgirl top (right), and of slutty Nut getting molested (left)! This week first clips of this summer's Barcelona trips, first of all the blonde silicone slut on the right, what a sighting between all these decently dressed tourists! More of her to come! And a fantastic busty muslim teen walking with her mum and lil sis, showing her big tits bulging out of her tight bra (left)!! More to come as well! More great black jugs from Miami and a cutie from Rome...

29th of August

This week a last clip of sexy Asian wobbler Ew grabbed in a skimpy wool top (left), and of Asian slut Nut getting titfucked again (right)! (Nana will be back next week). From Miami we got great jugs with tattoo's, a busty lass wearing cute plaits but no bra, the awesome juggerella on the right showing her vast, wobbling cleavage, and those crazy Ass Twins, shaking their big butt cheeks for everybody on the street to gawk at (left)! Plus more nice sightings from Rome & Barcelona!

22nd of August

Awesome Nana, the Asian answer to Yulia Nova, this week walking around in a skimpy seethrough schoolgirl top (left), showing her whopping wonders from various angles - mindboggling!! Busty Asian slut Nut rubs big dick between her oily boobs and testing if this fat rod fits into her big mouth! From Miami the gorgeous lass on the left, we showed her in a different top on July 4 - more of her to come! Plus more street-sightings from Rome & Barcelona, and a big butt on a very tiny waist as extra-clip!

15th of August

Asian tit-goddess Nana in a sexy seethrough, showing her large, swollen puffies which remind me of the art work of Yukio Shijima (see right)! And another new clip of Asian plumper Ang! Holy Cows!

From Miami the bouncy rack on the left and cool busty black on the right, a busty nerd wearing no bra, sightings from Spain & Italy, and a cool, big ass!