14th of June

Asian clips this week showing Pat's naturals grabbed, pinched and titfucked two times, including tit cum (left)! More Asian titfucking and cock-sucking with raunchy Oi, squeezing milk out of her boobs! Busty Mel teasing farang with her tits hanging completely out of her skimpy "Daddy"-shirt, then smothering his face between her boob meat (left)! And bubbly Yo, all soaked in the pool (right)! From Barcelona a skinny whopper and a wobbling punk, plus brown jugs from Miami!

7th of June

Asian clips this week with raunchy Oi soaping her rack (left), bubbly Yo titfucked in a skimpy "nipplestrip-slitgripper" swimsuit (right), another clip of the improbable scene of busty brat Mel begging for a bedtime-story, sitting on the lap and sticking out her bare chest right in front of sugardaddy's face (left)! And we got a great compilation of black cow Lisa wearing various sexy tops before her jugs get titfucked (right)! Another compilation of black tits from Vegas, more blackies and one white wobbler from Spain!

31st of May

This week another full grab- and titfuck-scene with Asian natural Pat (on the left), of bubbly Yo whopping around in a wet "big cock"-shirt (right), of lovely Mel foaming her natural balloons in the pool (left)! A large compilation of Asians & Russian girls spotted in Asia (right), and a huge compilation containing over 20 sightings from Las Vegas/Nevada! More big boobs from Florida and a couple of skinny but busty white girls spotted in Spain, wobbling and without wearing bra!

24th of May

Another great compilation of huge Pai's lactating jugs, this time in four different (seethrough-)tops! Cute bopper Dee titfucked again, with cumshot (right)! And gorgeous Mel shaking her melons in some mindblowing cleavage-tops (see right)! For this week I picked all Asian sightings from Vegas in one single clip (left), and you get a huge compilation of 19 sightings from LA (downtown and Venice beach) in one clip! Plus all new clips of tits from Spain and Florida...!

CDDarchive.com Updated, with stacked Asians, huge black jugs and busty Euro-cuties- click here to check!
17th of May

New Asian clips with Mel's bouncy knockers and skinny but stacked Pingpong! Re-edited footage of two titfuck scenes with Pat, including cumshot (left)! Another large clip of cute Dee playing around in 4 different tit-tops (right). Great whopping cleavages from Spain and London! And scrolling through some age-old tapes I found some interesting stuff from my only trip to the Strip Las Vegas and edited some upscaled compilations, this week 13 sightings in one clip, next week more like this from Vegas and LA!

10th of May

This week another clip of Pai's massive, lactating jugs in various tops (right), of Pat wearing a school uniform with her jugs hanging out - grabbed and titfucked (left)! More titfucking with Yo, and great Mel smothering farang face between her bulging breasts (right)! Another nice compilation of hot big-bust-sightings from Valencia/Spain, more Spanish wobblers (black & white) from Barcelona, and from the US a blonde, super-stacked barbie & some black giant-jugs!

3rd of May

Very attractive update, highlights as usual the Asian clips, on the left some real jugs of Pai - as soon as she took off her bra, milk was dripping out of her huge nipples! Magnificent Mel shaking her mugs with a big dick jacking!! Pat when she looked biggest, wearing tiny bikini tops (titfucked next week)! And on the right a busty cutie exposing her cleavage while playing snooker (two tops)! A compilation of massive Russian racks, black US-melons and slim and stacked tit-girls from Spain!

26th of April

New Asian clips with skinny nipple-girl Pingpong (left), jeans-girl Yo shaking big dick between her boobs (right), of Mel of course, grabbed in a skimpy swimsuit, and of bubbly cleavage-teaser Dee from last week, a large clip of in 4 tops (right)! Another of my favorite sightings from Valencia, truly a busty angel in white, from Barcelona a young lass showing some extreme wobbling (especially when she was running down the stairs), brown Miami-jugs, and as extra some extra-long teen-legs in sexy denim's...!

19th of April

This week Asian tit-tease Mel first foaming her jugs, then all soaked in the pool (left)! A special clip of Dee playing in heavy tropical rain before she gets titfucked (right)! Another large clip of busty Peung in various seethrough-tops (right)! Re-edited footage from Valencia - on the left one of my favourites, a slim black with gorgeous torpedoes (all takes from her in a single, upsized clip)! More of my best Valencia-girls in a long compilation! Plus new clips from Spain, the US, and a skinny waist from Rome!

12th of April

In this update a new clip of colossal Mel in the garden, running and shaking her magnificent orbs (right), of bubbly Yo wettening her thin tee-shirt in the pool (left)! Long clips of re-edited footage with legend Mint's lowslung jugs hanging out of a loose wool top, under a seethrough-top, or just nude (left), and of bubbly Yui in various sexy tops - no matter how roughly she gets grabbed, she's laughing all the time (right)! Huge brown mugs from the US, and more nice titties from Spain!

5th of April

This week with another clip of Big Mel shaking her Melons closeup in front of the camera and smothering farang (right), of skinny but busty Pingpong grabbed and sucked! Longer, re-edited footage of Dee wearing two tops, reading big-boob-manga and teasing farang with her underboobs in a cute sailor-outfit (left), and of hottie Peung wearing various tit-tops (right)! Massive black melons from South Beach, plus some caucasian tits and bum-cheeks from Spain!

29th of March

This week's update with glorious Mel wearing the incredibly enticing boob-popout-babydoll on the left, of bubbly Yo titfucked in the garden (right) and of Asian boob-doll Dee first checking some sexy tit-tops in the hotel and then walking public, showing massive cleavage without bra on the street (left)! More street-cleavages from Asia in a large compilation-clip which actually shows more busty Russian girls (right)! Brown cleavage meat and street-whoppers from the US & Europe!

22nd of March

This week with a long clip of massively stacked Asian Noi on the left, you'll see her first in the tight tit-shirt she was wearing when I picked her from the street, rudely grabbed and sucked before she sucks her boobs, then my cock, and in the end gets titfucked! That's the way to handle a busty lass! Another titfuck-classic with legend Mint, walking around in a skimpy jacket way too tiny for her hangers! More tit-grabbing with boob-doll Mel (left) and nipple-girl Pingpong (right)! plus sightings from Europe & US!

15th of March

Asian clips this week with awesome Oi (on the left), a true cockslut who first asks if she can take pictures of my dick before she shoves it between her boobs and deep down her throat, gagging and coughing! We got another great classic of busty Yui riding on farang's lap, showing some extreme whopping (top right)! Then of course Mel again, wearing a most unusual school outfit (right), and a new clip of Yo! Massive, brown jugs from Miami and more street-wobblers from Britain and Spain!

8th of March

Finally another clip of bountiful Mel shaking big dick between her bodacious boobs (left) - quite a progress if you imagine that just one week before she didn't even dare to show them without bra! We got another new clip of Pinky wearing no panties, and re-edited and -sized footage of legend Mint riding & whopping on farang's lap and a long clip of skinny & stacked Pon grabbed in 6 skimpy tops (right)! More black & white melons from the US and Barcelone/Spain!

1st of March

This week more rude grabbing of yummy Yui (right), followed by some decent titfucking with cumshot on her boobs- hear her squeaking! WobbleWonder Lek (left) proves again what she can do best: wobbling and wobbling! Titanic Mel shakes her balloons under a red seethrough gown (left), whereas busty Pingpong perform in the same babydoll Mel was wearing last week (right). More creamy cleavages, street wobblers and an extremely tiny waist from Spain, Miami & London!

22nd of February

Busty Mel (left) asks sugardaddy to read a bedtime-story for her - he tries, but when she sits on his lap in her sexy babydoll, sticking out her overdeveloped breasts right in front of his face, he can't focus on the book and gets lost between her boobs! More Asian clips with Mint titfucked at the poolside, WobbleWonder Lek walking and jumping right on the road (right), more street-cleavages of Mui and other busty Asians, Yui's underboobs grabbed! More whoppers and wobblers from Europe & US!

15th of February

Cute Mel this week walking&wobbling around the garden, coyly teasing the man behind the camera and anybody else watching (left)! Naughty Yo in a skimpy "nipplestrip-slitgripper", teasing cock and receiving some good titfucking (right)! Massive grabbing and smothering with legend Kung (left) and more wobble-madness with gorgeous Lek (right, director's cut with all takes)! Plus more whoppers (and a huge ass as extra) from Barcelone, London and Miami Beach!

8th of February

This week with more Mel, smothering farang-face between her pillows (right), plus re-edited footage of legendary Mui, flashing her tits right on the street (left)! Of WobbleWonder Lek in a long clip (left), first whopping down the road with a guy, then without, and in the end grabbed without bra! And another long clip with many spectacular Asian sightings (right), including a busty cutie fighting on the street! Plus more sightings & amazing wobblers from the US, Spain & GB!

February 1st

This update shows another clip of busty Bui (bottom right) from last week, this time on private location, wearing about 5 different sexy tops with her boobs grabbed! From 2006 - I wonder why I didn't cast her more often...?! Unlike gorgeous Mel (on top right) who attended not less than 13 shootings! We also got a new clip of skinny but stacked Pingpong (top left) and from yesteryears re-edited footage of extremely skinny but busty Asian lass Nen (left)! More street-boobs from the US, Britain and Spain!

25th of January

Another interesting clip this week with Mel, distracting her tutor from working hard by tantalizing him with her enormous tata's (wearing a seethrough school-top) until he gives in and gets lost between her big boobs...! Re-edited hard grabbing & titfucking with tied up and ball-gagged Yui (right), Pinky without panties, and I discovered age-old footage of a stunningly cute and busty Asian I don't remember if ever been posted! Name Bui, this week you see her walking public (left), next week more private...!

18th of January

More of legendary Kung, this time wearing incredibly skimpy tit-tops (left), reading big boob manga (while she gets grabbed from behind), a new clip of great Mel wearing a skimpy swimsuit under a biker jacket, of bubbly Yo in the silver cleavage-top on the left, and a multiple-sighting clip of spectacular Asian girls showing their tits in public! Another Asian clip from a Japanese beach, brown jugs not only from the US but from Spain as well, and some cool, whopping Euro-racks!

11th of January

This week with Mel's Melons under a sexy seethrough-babydoll, re-edited footage of legend Kung massively mauled (what did she expect, arriving at a titman's home with her underboobs hanging out?), of gorgeous Dee titfucked (right), and another Asian clip (from an obscure source) of a busty Japanese beauty on the beach (left)! Another beach clip from Spain, a cute tit-girl showing a nice camera-reaction, a Latin lass posing for her friend, stretching her bust out, and some nice racks from Miami!

4th of January

A Happy New Year to you all, hopefully better than the last! We got a nice, new titfuck clip with skinny but stacked Pingpong (left), a very cool clip of balloon-boobed Mel running around the garden (top right), and two pool-clips of two great Asian lasses wearing seethrough tops, on the left gorgeous Gof, and on the right legendary Mint, also sucking her own nipples! More yummy cleavages from the US, a London-whopper, from Barcelona a skinny but stacked stunner and a muscly bodybuilder-girl!

28th of December

Last update of the year showing magnificent Mel in a leather-like mega-cleavage swimsuit (left), bubbly Yo soaking her naughty shirt in the pool (right), re-edited from yesteryears a clip with gorgeous Dee wearing a tight corset under her seethrough-top (left), and a long clip containing not less than 18 sightings of busty Asian beauties from the street, a true cleavage-parade! More street-jugs from the US, London and Spain including a cute, busty Muslim girl wearing a hijab.

21st of December

Watch CDD-legend Mint shaking her pointy hangers in and around the pool before they get fucked by big dick (large & longer, re-mounted footage)! And a great clip of Mel at the sink, her massive boobs foamed and squeezed! Yui's floppers in three tops, she seems to look quite happy when she got rudely grabbed (right)! We got another busty Asian cutie grabbed in public (left) and more clips with boobs of color from the US, Spanish tetas and a skinny lass with monster-ass!

14th of December

This week with more smothering and titfucking of Gof, including cumshot (left)! From Mel we got another pool clip - so cute how she tries to pronounce "Watch me at C Double-D"...not surprisingly, only "Double-D" sounded familiar to her! Pinky, the girl without panties, gets all soaked in the pool again, and we see great Ford, walking public without bra, showing her underboobs (left)! More underboob & massive jugs from the US, from Spain a cool cleavage girl taking a shower on the beach...

7th of December

This week again 4 awesome Asian Tit-clips: watch excited Mel (left) when her boobs get touched by a man for the first time in her life (you can hear her friend saying so in the video)! Then you'll get another clip of (less shy) Pingpong tit-sucked (right)! And we got a fabulous long clip of legend Mui (goddess-like body-shape) wearing not less than six different tops (left), and of puffy-girl Gof in a sexy seethrough (right)! Plus more mouthwatering cleavages spotted on the streets...!

30th of November

Great news for Mel-fans: 1.): this week I'm posting the first clip of her shaking big, fat dick between her giant orbs (right)!! Very impressive. And 2.:) I figured out that there'll be new Mel-stuff in every update during the full next year and beyond!! More tit-fucking this week with Yo, and we got awesome re-edited footage (upsized & longer) of legend Mint swinging and shaking her heavenly hangers & smothering farang (left), as well as of cute Yui whose balloons get squeezed to the max (right)! Plus more street-sightings!

23rd of November

From the endless footage of our model-in-residence Mel a new clip of her shaking her balloon-like boobs, receiving some good, hard grabbing (left). The one on the right with the big dick between her tits is skinny but stacked Pingpong. Ford shaking her saggy hangers (left), and on the right gorgeous Gof wearing various tops, including great whopping and grabbing! More brown jugs from Miami, and from Barcelona another clip of the amazing black beauty wobbling down the street without bra...

16th of November

The nice rack on the left belongs to crazy Yo, whopping around in the garden - the mindblowing pair on the right looks familiar: of course titanic Mel! Then we got more re-edited footage from yesteryears, including I think the first sighting of Ford and from another day when she was wearing the titfuck-top on the left, boldly running along the road to show some decent whopping! And another clip of the awesome Asian lass on the right, pole-dancing and showing her young, firm underboobs...!

9th of November

This week a new clip of skinny but stacked Pingpong shaking her underboobs (see left), and of course superstar Mel wobbling in and outside the pool (right)! Mega-boobed Pinky (properly dressed except for her panties she 'forgot' to wear) soaks her jugs in the pool as well (right)! From yesteryears another clip of the hottie on the left showing cleavage down to her navel! More brown jugs from Miami and from Barcelona a big-boobed blondie at the beach and a busty mum breast-feeding her baby right on Las Ramblas!

2nd of November

Again four Asian Tit-clips, on the left Melonious Mel whopping out of a skmpy micro-bikini, on the right micro-girl Mew titfucked by a dick much too fat for such a tiny lass! Then we got more re-edited footage of gorgeous Gof on the left, wearing at least four different tops - if I remember well this was the first shooting when a busty girl allowed me to take video of just her boobs, including grabbing and titsucking (many years ago)! Plus a new clip of crazy Yo (right) and more tit&ass-clips from Spain & the US!

26th of October

This week great Asian Titfucking with awesome Ford, wrapping her huge naturals around fat cock until he shoots a massive load on her monster-boobs! Awesome closeup shots of Pat's pontoons, hanging & shaking right in front your eyes, and in the same skimpy shirt fantastittic Mel shaking her bouncy underboobs! From Miami an incredible exotic dancer, proudly performing her boob-show right on the street (right)! From Barcelona a gorgeously stacked black lass wobbling without bra in public!

19th of October

This week again with four Asian tit-clips of skinny but mega-stacked Pinky walking without panties, gorgeous Mel smothering farang with her nude boobies, another skinny & stacked cutie pole-dancing in bikinis, and Kay on the right, showing deep cleavage (no bra!) in the hotel, on the street and in a crowded shopping mall! Heavy, brown jugs from Miami, a bouncy rack from London and some Spanish tetas, including a black lass wearing corset under her huge, overflowing gazongas!

12th of October

Again four Asian clips this week, including great Mel of course, shaking and squeezing her knockers (left), and of skinny but stacked Pingpong wearing a fishnet top with her long nipples poking out (right)! From yesteryears fabulous Ford swinging her natural jugs in 4 tops (maybe never shown before), from the street the incredible lass on the right spotted on various days, always showing wobble-cleavage down to her navel! Many years ago - sightings of girls wearing those naughty outfits in public became very rare...

5th of October

This week with four Asian clips including fantastic footage of tit-dream Mel shaking and squeezing her oily meatbags (right)! And of luscious Yo posing and dancing in a sexy seethrough-babydoll! Plus re-edited footage (larger & longer) of the lass on the left, showing some extreme wobble in public, enjoying the gawks! And on the right gorgeous Gof approaching farang in a skimpy seethrough-top, making him so horny that he can't help but to cum on her marvelous boobs! More sightings from Spain, Britain and the US!

28th of September

More of Magnificent Mel shaking her wet boobs in and outside the pool, wearing a tight, white turtle neck (left)! And a new clip of Pat's Pontoons grabbed under a sexy seethrough babydoll! And as usual more re-edited (longer! larger!) footage from yesteryears, this week with scenes I think I never posted: glorious Ford smothering Farang between her massive meat-bags! From the US the mindblowing, shiny cleavage on the right and more brown mugs, tits & tetas from London and Barcelona, extra-clip of a spectacular Asian waist!

21st of September

This week another clip of Mel, shaking her mammouth mammaries with camouflage stickers (right), and of skinny & stacked Pinky walking bottomless! From yesteryears a full length, re-sized clip of cute hottie An and her pierced grab-nipples (top left) - those were the haydays when you spotted busty Asians walking on the street every night, ready for "take-away" and not shy to show their faces for the camera! Long time ago. Brown jugs from the US (right), London lungs, hot chicas from Barcelona!

14th of September

This week a fantastic new clip of gorgeous Mel, foaming her nude knockers in the pool, and of skinny and stacked Pingpong, enjoying the grabs (right)! From yesteryears a re-edited, long clip of CDD-legends Kung and Ford walking together (without bra) in public before Ford receives some good grabbing and licks her nipples! From the recent trip to Spain the amazing, slim and superbly stacked lass on the left (working in a shop for sexy outfits)! More sightings from Barcelona and massive, brown jugs from the US and Britain!

7th of September - When I returned from my last trip to Asia this Spring I didn't believe that they'd keep their borders shut until now - but so it is, and no one knows for how long, at least until next year. So what can I do? There's still plenty of Asian footage in stock, this week new clips of Mel's bomb bust in pink, and good titfucking with luscious Yo. And I looked up my old footage from the early years, when I still used a DV-tape camcorder and posted extremely short, stamp-sized
clips. I found really interesting stuff, even scenes I think I never posted yet - like the gorgeous Asian tit-girl on the left, pole-dancing in various seethrough-outfits and even topless (I think from 2003)! I re-edited the footage, made the clips much longer and larger in size, with tremendous results! Fortunately, at least I can travel all around Europe, and the trips to Spain worked out astonishingly well - there was no lack of sexy sightings, including the amazing black whopper without bra on the right! More sightings from Spain, the US and Britain...!